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Dalmatia - Split

The largest city in Dalmatia and second by size in country. Split is unique in the world by the number of Olympic medal winners per citizen. He is also known for his own source of healing sulphur waters which is placed in the heart of the town.  Long ago Greeks inhabited this area and named the city.  But today’s heart of the city is Diocletian’s Palace from another great ancient culture, Romans. Legend said that Roman emperor was so amazed by the beauty of Split, that he decided to build himself a retirement palace there. Even to this day, that astonishing  palace continue to amaze people from all over the world who are visiting Split.

If you enjoying in majestic landscapes, fear not. From beautiful sandy beaches, to Riva, Split’s main promenade, or breath-taking view from Marjan, hill above the city, you would not stay short. Split can offer you beauties of French Riviera, Italian history, spiced up with delicious Croatian cuisine and romantic melody of Klapa’s, Croatian vocal groups singing old Adriatic melodies.

For ones facing more modern thrills, between other things, Split is European host of Ultra festival, most popular festival of electronic music in the world, which is guarantee that you will have time of your life.

Visible from the Riva, cluster of Islands surrounding the city offers some of the most incredible views to be seen. One of the most beautiful Croatian islands is “Hvar” located near Split. With approximately 320 sunny days per year, and amazing beaches, it will cover every aspect of your dream vacation and more!

There is local saying in Split, if you visit Split once, be sure you will come back!


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