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Sightseeing & wine tour story
View the fields and vineyards of indigenous sorts of Korculan grapes. Taste some of the best Croatian white wines Pošip and Grk! Cheers!
Pelješac Peninsula Wine Tour
The “good part” of the tour starts when we visit a small family owned winery. Peninsula is famous for wine production. Some excellent local wines, however, are not mass produced, so the only way...
Beach Tour
Visit and enjoy the most beautiful beaches on the island. Korčula is the largest island of Adriatic and its coastline provides hundreds of beautiful beaches.
Fish picnic
Join us for a ride throught the Korcula Archipelago. Visit the Franciscan Monastery on Badija and let yourself be carried away by the view of Vrnik and quarry from Roman times . Swim and snorkel...
The excursion starts with the visit to the first Greek colony on the Adriatic Sea, the little village of Lumbarda well-known for its wine Grk and beautiful, sandy beaches. We continue our drive...
Set out with us in the Korcula archipelago consisting of twenty small islands, islets and cliffs which create the unique oasis of beauty. The best - known is the island of Badija where the Franciscan...
National park Mljet
The island of breathtaking nature and Odysey´s oasis of peacewhere time has been paused.
Republic of Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik - ˝ the pearl of the Adriatic˝ , the city of enchanting beauty, rich history and culture which is under protection of the UNESCO. Besides the main street called Stradun, the Cathedral,...
City of Dubrovnik
Panoramic drive through the Pelješac peninsula and south Dalmatian coastal road will bring us to Dubrovnik stopping just above the Old Town from where you will be instantly left speechless by the...
Romantic Dubrovnik
There are many reasons to visit Dubrovnik.It gives you the ideal opportunity to make amends with your partner for any sins committed throughout the year and fall in love again. Walk along the...
Game of Thrones Tour Dubrovnik
Experience the real "King's Landing" first-hand and look at a book that details each scene and location as you visit them. Go to sites in the old town and to the Fort of St. Lawrence.
Korčula- City of Marco Polo
The jewel of the south Adriatic, a theme of many historic poems and songs, whose shiny white pebbles reveal to us its entire history. A birthplace of a famous seafarer and discoverer Marco Polo, a...
Sightseeing riviera
Come along on the cruise on our trimaran Suzy, and discover Korčula´s archipelago composed of some 20 small islands, islets and cliffs which form a unique oasis of beauty. The biggest and most...
Snorkeling adventure
Our first stop will be at the biggest islet called Badija, known for its Franciscan monastery, gorgeous secluded beaches and breathtaking turquoise lagoons that surround it.
Adress: Trg Petra Šegedina 3a
20260 Korčula, Hrvatska
Telephone: +385 20 711 750
Mobile phone: +385 (0)91 571 43 55
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The island of Korcula, the ancient Greeks called  Korkyra Melaina  and in Roman times it was known as Corcyra Nigra  or  Black Korcula.

Name was given by  the lush vegetation of underbrush and pine forests that once covered the entire island .

Broad panoramic views,  mild Mediterranean climate, clean sea, interesting cultural heritage, various sports, recreational and entertainment facilities and warm-hearted and hospitable people make the island of Korcula, an attractive tourist destination .

The three largest settlements on the island of Korcula are Vela Luka in the west of the island,  Blato in the middle  of the island and town  Korcula on the East. Other places are Lumbarda, Pupnat, Žrnovo, Čara, Smokvica Račišće.

The island is known for its natural beauty and exceptional cultural heritage and for a thousand-year tradition of making a high quality...